• Westerlind


    We launched the Westerlind Showroom and Westerlind.us site to create an intersection where technical outdoor gear and apparel meet a style-minded boutique. The brands we showcase are known for their forward-thinking design, functionality and style. Our approach is to inspire through a thoughtful offering and a left-of-center attitude.

  • Above Tree Line

    Above Tree Line

    To assist in the effort to bring high quality, technical outdoor gear and apparel to the ever-changing fashion market, Westerlind launched the Above Tree Line trade show in partnership with (Capsule). Above Tree Line continues to introduce new brands and encourage a sustainable relationship based on the demand for classic product with functionality and purpose.

  • Armor-Lux

    Armor Lux Boutique

    In 2012, Westerlind signed as the US distributor of Armor Lux and opened their first US retail store on 232 Mulberry Street in New York City. Offering a near comprehensive selection of the Armor Lux collection, the intimate retail space has quickly become a destination for tourists and neighbors alike.

    232 Mulberry Street
    Monday - Sunday 11:30pm - 7:30pm
    (917) 261-5567
    for PR inquiries please contact halley@westerlind.us